Fitmego Ltd. & Aurantium Ltd.

The best thing about working out is being done.

We developed DONE with a clear purpose: to create an app that would get out of your way as your workout.

Tap done, done.

That’s all you need to do during the workout, press DONE when you’re done with your exercise.

Sets move along as you keep pressing done, and as sets get done, exercises get done, and in the end it’s #doneworkout.


Swap, then done.

Don’t like an exercise? No problem, just swap it.

We’ve grouped and matched over 800 exercises so that if you don’t like one, or the machine is taken, you can easily swap by an equivalent exercise and get on with the workout. We’re currently offering an initial workout plan with 16 main exercises and multiple swaps for each, and we’ll be introducing new workouts in the coming weeks! All for free!

Performance tracking.

All workouts have a certain completion expectancy — complete above 100%, get a couple extra stars. Complete below and...not so much.

Stars are an easy way to see your streaks at a glance and also a nice little reward. In fact, we based our main goal on those stars: keeping your Star Average as close to 4 as possible.


Star average.

With every cycle complete, your star average resets. This allows everyone a shot at that #1 spot. Trailling ridiculously at #299.234.122 worldwide? Don’t worry, there’s always next week.

#98 worldwide
4 days since last

Workout complete.

Once you’re done with the workout, you can see a summary of what you just did, as well as saving kcal burned if you have any sort of fitness tracker, and add it your weight so you can see that progress come along.

Easy setup

And a super simple app couldn’t be done without a super simple sign up.

It’s 3 little questions and you’re good to go. Download now and have your own workout done and ready in seconds, just in time for your gym sesh later on.